Eco sustainable raw materials

Throughout history textiles have been closely related to scientific and industrial innovation, along with growing environmental initiatives / concerns.

Nowadays, the new social demands, technological evolution and basic knowledge about sustainability allow the conception of ideas and the use of new manufactured fibers that present themselves as a sustainable alternative for the production of new textile bases for fashion products, the so-called ECO FRIENDLY.

Major brands have been implementing a strong program to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and the amount of waste in landfills that can be Recycled or Regenerated.

In this context, our representatives intend to contribute and help develop this movement with sustainable Eco raw materials, such as:


→ Hyosung: creora* Regen


→ Hyosung: regen PES e MIPAN regen PA


→ Aquafil: Regenerated PA6 “Econyl” and Polypropylene “Dryarn”


→ Eastman: Naia™, Naia™ Renew and Greencel Yes We Care, registered trademark, 100% acetate yarn (natural origin, biodegradable, recyclable, eco sustainable)


→ Fil-3: some yarns produced with regenerated / recycled materials and REMO certified (global movement that promotes recycling and creation of sustainable products), some with GRS certified and all with Chemical Management 4sustainability dyes