A team that worked for ICI, Dupont and Invista in Portugal.
Currently official distributors of Hyosung creora® for the Portuguese market.
Agents for Hyosung – creora® e PES, Aquafil, Filartex, Fein-Elast, Fil-3 e Eastman.


“Providing a personalized service with cutting edge products”


Dtexcom was established in Portugal in 2004, for the purpose of ensuring the distribution and agency of Invista textile products, elastane and polyamide.

The cooperation with the largest global Textile Groups gives DTEXCOM a leading edge in the textile field through its access to sources of solid knowledge of current trends in all global areas of the textile industry.

A dedicated team of specialists, whose know-how is rooted in many years of multinational experience, highly motivated and committed.

The inheritance from our past allows us to face the present as a step to a prosperous future!

Currently we are the official distributor in Portugal for creora® the nº 1 Premium elastane in the world, agents of Hyosung in other products (PES and PA) and other multinationals mentioned in Products page.


We regard our relationship with our customers as a sharing of interests, in which a profound knowledge of their business and industry is fundamental in providing the correct product solution.
Being proactive means having the capacity to observe and understand a business partner, to the point of anticipating, proposing and implementing creative and effective action.

For us, there is no set customer pattern, for each customer has his own specific identity, positioning, requirements and projects.
Our management is efficiency oriented, therefore result control mechanisms rate high in our priorities:

At DTEXCOM, sales strategies and product presentation are customer oriented, attuned to specific needs, so as to ensure that a particular products meets the production requirements of our business partners. This is why we define our services as increasingly Market and customer Oriented.